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There are several avoidable mistakes you can make, which can end up ruining your entire camping trip. Several people think that because they are equipped with essential supplies and know the place they intend to go camping, they are set to go. However, you will realize that every camping trip requires adequate prior preparation before you set out.

It does not matter how many times you have gone out camping. Every camping site requires its very unique camping gear and tents.

Here some are of the top camping mistakes you should avoid:

Choosing the Wrong Tent

camping tentSometimes you can choose the wrong tent and end up having the worst and uncomfortable night of your life. Tents are usually available in varying quality, features, and the ease of setting up. You need to select a tent that will be perfectly suitable for the conditions you are going camping.

One of the common mistakes made when choosing a tent is selecting a tent of a small size while you are going to camp with many people. A perfect tent should allow for a space of at least 30 sq. ft. per person. Ensure that the zippers are in the right condition, the poles are all intact, and the fabric is not torn. Your tent should be able to withstand harsh climatic conditions.

Being Poorly Equipped With Supplies

tinned foodsFood and other general supplies like a first aid kit should be essential for any camping trip. However, some first-time campers make the mistake of setting out without the first aid kit and food that will not see them through the entire camping trip. A first aid kit comes in handy in case of any emergencies.

It is advisable to ensure that you prepare food that does not go bad quickly, or you are going to return from your camping trip sooner than anticipated. Just because you are equipped with a cooler, some food like steak won’t last up to 5 days. Ensure you have an adequate supply of nonperishable food.

Paying Less Attention to Plants

plantsYou can encounter a lot of poisonous plants at your camping sites like poison oak and toxic mushrooms. You might land into serious trouble if you pay less attention to these plants. For example, a poison sumac tree can leave your entire body filled with rashes if you accidentally brush against it.

Before you set out, make sure you equip yourself with a plant identification guide to differentiate the good pants from the poisonous ones. You can get this guide for free from online sources. It would also be best to ensure you check for possible dangers before setting out to camp.