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It is no doubt that most airlines have advanced their ways of passing information to their clients. Gone are the days when people had to make numerous calls to the flight customer care in seeking to know more about their flight information. In fact, some people had to arrive at the airport only to find changes about their travel schedule.

Today, the technology is making things seamless and easy. Travelers can get alerts of any new information right on their smartphones if they have an app for the airline company. Use of IATA API apps and software allows to check information across different airlines under one platform and much more. They can also easily log into their website and get all details about the flight. So, if you the airline has a software or app that helps to communicate with clients, then it should have some features as outlined below.

User-friendly interface

Airline appThis makes it all different. People on travel do not have much time to keep looking for tabs with the information they need. Since most airlines have an API app, then the dashboard and other pages must be easy to use and appealing.

One that is clogged with a lot of information may be difficult to use and people can miss that valuable information they seek. Excellent software development and some trial research will help the airline come up with a user-friendly app.

Mobile phone compatible

With the Smartphone use becoming rampant all over the world, airlines must come up with an app or software that are compatible with mobile phones. This compatibility means that it will run smoothly and provide the travelers with information they need.

One that takes time to open or load will be a waste of time for someone on the move and tired. Software and app developers can build an excellent app available for Android and iOS users to make it more useful. All they will need to do is download it and start using without a hiccup.

Updates in real time

This is the essential part of any app that deals with providing airline tracking information to travelers. Imagine a flight cancellation information updating the app an hour later after the information is posted. Most users will get the information late and get inconvenienced.

To make it even better, it must have real-time notifications as long as the users are logged in and have an Internet connection. This way, it will become more useful and meaningful.

Access to numerous database

TravelersNot all users of such technology are looking for information on booked flights. Some are looking for what they can book and they need to compare options. Therefore, a great airline app or software is better with an option to access information from different databases.

Probably, it needs to access information from all airlines in a region and their flight schedules. This means that it can help people know which flight to take depending on their time.


Now that people are popularly using these apps to seek information, airlines need to put more efforts in relaying real-time information so that people can stay up-to-date. It is the only way to provide convenience and minimize complaints.

air travel

Sometimes pregnant mothers might be interested in travelling by plane. Travelling while pregnancy might involve some challenges. Knowing the ins and outs of travelling by air will protect you and your unborn baby. This will ensure that you are safe and comfortable. In general, pregnant women are at a high risk of developing some complications that arise from certain infections or getting infected. Those infections and complications might also affect their foetus. Someone can travel safely and comfortably during this period by preparing.

Before travelling

Certain things and measures need to be taken before travelling. These include the following:

Consulting a GYN/OB

Pregnancy is a condition associated with certain complications such as hypertension, gestation diabetes and ruptures placenta. Some of these conditions might end up affecting your travel plan. For instance, there have been reported cases of women who have experienced miscarriages, premature delivery, foetal loss and other health issues. It is therefore important to make sure that you have consulted your OB/GYN before travelling. Some of the main issues that you need to discuss with your healthcare provider include the length of your trip, destination, and planned activities.pregnant woman

Planning wisely

Long haul flights should be avoided because they are uncomfortable during pregnancy. High-attitude travelling should also be avoided. The oxygen levels are low in attitudes exceeding 8,000 ft. This is an issue that can lead to altitude sickness. Pregnant mothers are also discouraged from travelling during the first three months to prevent nausea. This is a health condition that can lead to miscarriage and a feeling of tiredness.

Inquiring about the airline’s restrictions

Some of the airlines do not allow pregnant women to travel if they do not have written consents of midwives or physicians. This is a common issue with those women who are close to their expected delivery dates. It is therefore imperative to consult your airline first to ensure that you travel safely during this period.

During your flight

Taking the necessary measures will make you feel comfortable during the flight. The following are some of the activities that you need to do.

Planning for your comfort

This can be done by choosing a comfortable seat. You can also ask for a pillow and a blanket from the airline staff. Ideally, you should let them know that you are pregnant. Eating healthy snacks and relaxing properly is also a great idea.comfortable seat

Drinking plenty of water

Water is one of the essential fluids that play a crucial role in the development of a foetus. This is the fluid that forms the placenta that the baby relies on when receiving nutrients during pregnancy.